"Today I have to check 60 outstanding quotations in Excel because suppliers send me price changes by mail. My colleague is done with it. 'No time! Next week there will be other price changes, and again, and again ...' Other colleagues created their own designs in Excel with references to price lists, real whizkids, not my cup of tea."

We are talking to Marjolein, senior employee at a logistics company. In her struggle to find a permanent solution for a decent quotation system she found Provit through the grapevine. It appears during our constructive conversation there is need off a quotation system with secured structures, but also ment to be used in the logistic sector, in particular for their company. Marjolein has a lot of knowledge of the processes, but she can't apply it on the current spreadsheet solution. "A lot of duplication of effort and hassel to achieve a good quotation. At the end the result is also different compared to other collegues."

Many company's are searching for a solution to streamline the processes or to unlock the information within the organisation by making use of software. Thereby often a ad-hoc solution is used, worked out by a experienced employee who uses the available Office software to create it. The first steps within give satisfaction, because the invented structure gets visible in a system, for instance in a Excel spreadsheet. Knowledge and information can be shared througout that system with other employees; it pays off. Yet after a while it appears that the possibilities of Office software in this case are not sufficient enough. Then it's time to start looking for a permanent solution, without getting tangled up in a endless customization route. Provit has developed for that purpose a flexible tool, XMLBox, that can be shaped on base of XML files to use it for specific processes in your organization. The software is not particular developed for one purpose, the content and appliance are being adapted for your needs. Therefor the costs are low and the efficientcy high.